AKC Coonhounds



The Overall Hunt winner will be declared the 2019 World Hunt Champion and will have the title of “WNC” for World Nite Champion officially added to its name. 



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For any World Format questions, please contact: David McKee 803-528-9050 / Jimmy Phillips 229-894-8550 / Ralph Daulton 812-528-8451 For any questions about camping space/vending/open hunts offered Fri & Sat/ or guiding contact: Terry 859-361-0789 For any question regarding registrations or qualifiers contact: AKC Coonhound Events 919-816-3909 or coonhounds@akc.org 



Walk-in entries for the World Coonhound Bench Show will begin at 9:00AM thru 11:00AM. Entry Fee is $40. Show to follow approximately 30 mins after. This show is open to ALL purebred coonhounds, no pre-qualification. All show winners including class winners can have photo taken following show.


Preceding the show will be an awards ceremony honoring the 2018 top 3 dogs in each breed of the

2018 National Rankings. 

The World Show Format is different than a typical local show. This show has Open dogs advancing to compete with Champion class dogs for BOB Male and Female for each of the 7 coonhound breeds.

All BOB M/F winners (14 max) will advance to Best World Champion, where 1 dog either a Male or Female will be selected for each breed. Out of these 7 Best World Champions, l will be declared the Reserve Winner and 1 will be declared the Overall World Bench Show Champion. The order of presenting the final 2 sliver cups for Reserve and Overall is entirely up to the judge.

 The dog that is declared the Overall World Champion receives the distinguished title of “CWSG” World Show Champion which officially will be part of the winning dog’s name.

Champion dogs earning a BOB at the World earn a Champion class win toward whichever champion title they are currently working towards. Open dogs earning a BOB will earn 40 pts towards their CCH title.

Also, as with all our major shows, World winners will accrue additional show points in the 2019 National Rankings in the following format:

Best World Champions receive another 2 pts per dog defeated in their breed. Reserve winner will receive an additional 3 pts per dog defeated in the final round. The Overall winner will receive an additional 5 pts per dog defeated in the final round.


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