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Youth Handlers & Hunters

Why Get A Junior Handler Number?

A youth program for younger hunters and show handlers to compete with others their own age and experience level is available if they choose. Youth handlers are encouraged to apply for a Junior Handler Number. This number makes it possible to include and tabulate youth wins in our annual youth hunt & show rankings. Youth wins earned at youth casts or youth hunts will always be counted solely in the youth hunt rankings. Youth show wins will be counted solely in the youth show rankings for any bench show dog youth handled. Regardless of youth or adult handler, a dog’s win is ALWAYS counted on the dog’s record.  

Youth Items To Note

Youths casts will not be made available at certain events such as the SPORTMIX Championship, World Championship, State Championships, SPORTMIX hunts or any other hunt that require a hunt off situation.  If a youth wants to hunt in events that have a hunt off situation, they will be counted as an adult and their wins will NOT count in the youth race. No youth handler can enter under a judge they are handling for and no parent, grandparent, immediate family member, or member of the same household of the youth handler may judge the youth at any AKC youth cast, youth hunt or show. If a youth handles several dogs during a show, the hunt director and judge must accurately list all handlers. If several dogs originally handled by a youth advance and the youth requires help with handling because it is physically impossible to handle 2 dogs at once, then the “actual and physical handler” must be recorded in the report, NOT the original youth handler. 

Youth World Championship

Juniors that finish in the top 16 of the annual youth rankings for hunt and show receive special invites to attend the following year’s Youth World Championship where they will be honored with special awards during a recognition ceremony. The Youth World Championship is open to all youth with no pre-qualifications and no advanced entry needed. Additional Awards will be presented to the highest placing top 16 race finishers for each age division of the Youth World. 

The Youth World Championship is held as part of a 2 day family event called the Youth, Heritage & Ladies World Championships. Each of them are World Qualifying Events with a full set of trophies/prizes awarded. World Qualifying means dog’s winning their cast with plus pts are qualified for the World Championship. Also held is a water race, field trial and treeing contest. This event is located in Medora, IN with a gorgeous facility and grounds. To learn more about the latest Youth World Championship visit:


To see other youth events such as our Youth State Championships, visit the online events calendar