AKC Coonhounds

Registration Info

 Registering Your Coonhound AKC

In order to participate in AKC coonhound events your coonhound must be AKC registered. Registrations can be applied for either during the entry taking process at an event or in advance at your leisure. From the time we receive your paperwork, provided we receive all information, it should not take more than 2-3 weeks to receive your AKC registration certificate, pedigree and EZ Entry Card.

Register ONLINE (*See Special Note Regarding NO Late Fees)

If you need to register a litter or a puppy from a registered litter we encourage you to take advantage of the convenience offered thru our online registration service. Using this service will allow for faster processing and status checks at anytime.

Registering An Individual Dog

To register a coonhound that is already registered with UKC or PKC an Open Registration Form must be submitted along with a copy of a 3 generation pedigree. The dog’s sire and dam should not have been already AKC registered prior to its date of birth. The open registration form is used to apply for registration for all coonhound breeds except the American Leopard Hound. The AKC in conjunction with a parent club (aka National Club) sets the time frame for the breed to remain in open registration. The cost to register is $35. American Leopard Hound registrations must be submitted on a Foundation Stock Service (FSS) Application. Registrations can be taken at an event by the host club. If you do not have your 3 generation pedigree with you, there is a 10 day grace period to send it in. The club official taking your registration paperwork and fee will provide you with a receipt for your records that contains all the instructions and contact info. 

Registering A Puppy

To register a pup born out of an AKC registered litter the new owner needs to have received from the breeder a signed registration application. This application contains the pup’s litter number and sire and dam info. It is important to complete the date of transfer. This can also be completed very fast and easy via our online dog registration service. The cost to register an AKC puppy is $33 if registered online or $38 if done by paper application. If your puppy application is ever lost the breeder can send a request for a duplicate using the Request for Duplicate Form.

Registering A Litter

There are several different types of litter registration applications to coincide with the various different breeding methods. The most common a traditionally bred litter requires a regular Litter Registration Application. Litters can also be registered online for faster and easier service.

Litters resulting from the artificial insemination (AI) using Frozen Semen, Fresh Semen, or Fresh Extended require the appropriate AI litter application. A Frozen Semen Collection Statement must be submitted to certify the collection and storage for use in the USA.

If a dam was leased at the time of mating or birth of any litter a Lease Notification Form must be submitted. 

Special Notes

*NO LATE FEES are ever charged for coonhound registrations. If you are registering your dog or litter via the online service, you must contact Coonhound Events so that late fees can be removed from your transaction. If you are registering your dog via an application, write “Please waive late fee” at the top of the form. NO PHOTOS are required when applying to register. Coonhound breeds are exempt from both. Dog names can be changed upon request provided no wins or breedings took place upon the time of the request. EZ Entry cards are mailed once at the time of registration. If a card is lost, worn or you need it to reflect the latest title earned simply send us your request via email, tel, or fax and we’ll send out another free of charge. If you misplaced your registration certificate send us your Request For A Duplicate. Dogs coming in from Canada must be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club first as they require it.  

Need More Help: 1-888-4DOGHUNT    coonhounds@akc.org

If you need assistance with other registration requests , need to download other related registration forms or if you have a more involved situation such as you know the dog is registered AKC but do not have papers from the previous owner, or you were not provided a puppy application from the breeder, etc. please contact us toll free 1-888-4DOGHUNT (1-888-436-4486) 8:30AM-4:30PM EST so we can review your situation. You can also use our Registration Resource Page to learn more about AKC Registrations.