AKC Coonhounds

Hunt Directors / BS Judges

Hunt Directors & Bench Show Judges: 101


AKC hunts require a hunt director whose responsibility is to handle all hunt paperwork, facilitate the functioning of the hunt and abide by all the AKC Coonhound Hunt Regulations. We understand HDs don’t want to be kept from hunting by having to remain at the clubhouse all night, so HDs and Hunt Chairmen are allowed to go hunting. They cannot however be part of the hunt committee selection process or be apart of settling disputes occurring on their own cast.

Bench Show Judges are required to know and understand all the coonhound breed standards and abide by the AKC Coonhound Regulations.

Grandfather In (For experienced)

Experienced HDs, MOHs or Bench Show Judges can be grandfathered in from other registries. Requests to be grandfathered can be made by submitting a grandfather candidate form.

How to Apply (For brand new)

New applicants for hunt or show can apply via a new HD/BSJ application. Brand new applicants are required to take a written test. Additionally, applicants are required to have had 2 apprenticeship experiences and be sponsored by at least 2 fellow club members.

Approval Confirmed

After an applicant has met the requirements and contact info has been confirmed, a judge’s number is established. This number should be remembered as it will be used when completing the hunt or show reports containing winners. A judges directory of approved judges is available upon request.

Send any requests or questions to: coonhounds@akc.org