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Cast Photos & Scorecards 

Each corresponding cast photo is followed by the scorecard image in the monthly link below. Images are provided in alphabetical order by host club name. These links represent all cards and photos received by the deadline as the month’s results are closed on 14th of the following month. For example October results are closed by November 14th. Wins not received in time will not be counted. Cards that are received without photo validation will not be counted. Coonhound Events always contacts any club before denying wins should any items be missing. Cards and photos will be posted to this page upon the closing of a month’s results. Reminder: All reports and photos are due within 7 days of the event. Photos are due for each cast regardless of number of entries. 3rd person voting member on two dog casts must also appear in photo.   – Thank you to the clubs following this we appreciate the work you do.