AKC Coonhounds

Thank You To Our Sponsors



Diamond Deluxe Aluminum Dog Boxes

Jackson Creek Manufacturing, Inc. is proud to offer you a Diamond Deluxe range of aluminum dog boxes. These quality truck dog boxes are designed especially for the animal control field as well as for the transportation of hunting dogs.

You have the opportunity to buy their dog boxes direct from the manufacturer, either as standard units or have your animal transportation unit custom built to your specifications. Constructed with Tread Brite aluminum, these units are lightweight, rustproof, and heat and cold resistant. All of these qualities as well as it’s unique and spectacular durability that will last for years.

AKC Coonhound Events would like to thank the folks at Jackson Creek for their continued support and generosity. They have provided beautifully crafted dog boxes to our major champions over the years. Thank you Jackson Creek!